Mr.Slimmy™ High-Waist Fit Shaper
Mr.Slimmy™ High-Waist Fit Shaper
Mr.Slimmy™ High-Waist Fit Shaper
Mr.Slimmy™ High-Waist Fit Shaper
Mr.Slimmy™ High-Waist Fit Shaper

Mr.Slimmy™ High-Waist Fit Shaper

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Wear your favorite dress again 

Take them out of the wardrobe!

Dust off your favorite dress. Wear the outfit you wouldn’t normally dare to wear.

It’s time to bring your silhouette to the limelight with this double-layered, waist-sculpting high-waist Fit Shaper.

Its microfibers feel as soft as a second skin while giving you maximum control over unwanted jiggles - it’s your perfect everyday essential if you’re looking for some compression without squeezing the life out of you!

Why Do I Need This?

Mr.Slimmy™ makes you look amazing, bursting with confidence rather than hiding your imperfections under baggy clothes.

Made with shaper, a seamless technology: no seams and lighter material for an invisible effect under clothing.

No one will know you have it on!

How It Works

If you are looking to get in shape, Mr.Slimmy™ is an effortless way to do that. You don’t necessarily have to spend long hours in the gym doing heavy weight lifting and very strenuous cardio exercises.

  1. STEP ONE -  Choose the right size
  2. STEP TWO -  Dress Mr.Slimmy™ and get your silhouettes of dreams instantly!

    You don’t also need to go under the knife just to get that perfect look. Apart from the fact that this can be dangerous, it may also give temporary results and leave permanent scars.

    The best way to get an hourglass figure and that amazing look you’ve always wanted is to use this Mr.Slimmy™.


    ☑ COMFORTABLE -  High-quality fabric is breathable and comfortable enough to be worn all day long, sweat-free comfort, antibacterial, moisture-wicking. Material: Polyester/Spandex.

    ☑ INSTANT CONFIDENCE - It doesn’t matter if you just had a child, recover from plastic surgery, or just want to look smoothly for that big day. Mr.Slimmy™ will give you instant confidence.

    ☑ INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHES - Bye-bye panty lines. Hello smooth and sleek!

    ☑ SLIMMING AND TUMMY TUCKING  EFFECT - The Mr.Slimmy tightens your tummy and is built to start shaping your body for good.

    ☑ NO ROLLING DOWN - No matter if you sit, stretch, or dance, the Anti Roll-Down Silicone Strip is there for a stay-put fit.

    ☑ BUTT LIFTING - Mr.Slimmy™  has a better body shaping effect than any other undergarments. Immediately help to lift the buttocks and will show off your hourglass figure to perfection.

    Ready To Fit Smoothly Into Any Outfit?

    It is comfortable to wear and you can wear them for long hours throughout the day without any sign of discomfort.

    Spice up your figure and lift up your rear in Mr.Slimmy™.

    You can wear it under your clothes to create an hourglass curve at your waist that will earn you a lot of admiration from people.

     Specifications :

    • Material : Spandex, Polyester
    • Antibacterial crotch

    30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

    We're proud to offer a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee. Not happy? No problem! Just follow our money-back guarantee protocol to receive a full refund.